Early Pulps

The following pages contain covers from my own collection, and short informative pieces on the artists and writers. Clicking on the thumbnail pictures reveals larger images.
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Vanity.jpg (135379 bytes)The oldest magazine in my collection is a pulp-style Vanity Fair from 1901. This magazine was more of a precursor of pulps than a real pulp magazine, because it was printed on better quality paper. It was, however, the same size as pulps, and was mostly stories (interspersed with fashion photos).
paris1.jpg (74525 bytes)The Parisienne Monthly Magazine, Vol. III, No. 1, July, 1916. Les Boulevards Publishing Co., Inc., New York. "On sale at all the principal Bookstalls, Kiosks, Hotels and Exchanges throughout the world."
saucy1.jpg (65838 bytes)Saucy Stories, Vol. IV, No. 3, April, 1918. Issued monthly by Inter-Continental Publishing Corp., New York (Same address as The Parisienne.) Cover by Frederick Duncan. Stamp on top right corner reads, "Notice to Reader. When you finish this magazine, place a 1 cent stamp on this notice, hand same to any postal employee and it will be placed in the hands of our soldiers or sailors at the front. NO WRAPPING--NO ADDRESS" and it's signed "A.S. Burleson, Postmaster General."
snappy1.jpg (68596 bytes)Snappy Stories, Vol. XXXV, No. 2, June 4, 1918. Issued twice-a-month by The New Fiction Publishing Co., New York. Cover by Frank W. Read.
breezy1.jpg (69096 bytes)Breezy Stories, Vol. VII, No. 1, Sep., 1918. Published monthly by The C.H. Young Pub. Co. Inc., New York. Cover by Frank W. Read. These early "sex" pulps usually promised much more than was actually offered.
Youngs.jpg (167714 bytes)Young's Magazine, Vol., XXXVI, Number 3, September, 1918. Published by the C.H. Young Pub. Co. Inc., New York. Cover by Thelma [Cudlipp]. "Realistic Stories," aimed at the female audience.
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